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Prescription Goggle Program

The Play Hard. Don't Blink. program provides qualifying children a free pair of prescription sports goggles.

Does Your Child Already Wear Glasses?

Now you can protect them from getting injured when they play sports by getting a free pair of prescription sports goggles. Regular eyeglasses and contacts will not protect a child's eyes from injury and may even increase the damage caused should an impact occur.

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Program Updates

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Did You Know?

Over 45,000 sports and recreation-related eye injuries occur each year with more than half suffered by children. These injuries may cause loss of vision or complete loss of an eye.

The Good News

Ninety percent of these injuries can be prevented if your child wears the proper eye protection. If they are already used to wearing glasses every day in school and at home, let's make sure they are wearing the correct safety glasses on the field or on the court.

How Play Hard. Don't Blink. Can Help

The Play Hard. Don't Blink. program (PHDB) provides qualifying children a free pair of prescription sports goggles. Designed for use by players of ALL SPORTS – including but not limited to: racket sports, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer. This program is unique to Ohio and is made possible through a grant from the Ohio Department of Health's Save Our Sight Program (SOS). The SOS program is funded through voluntary ($1.00 or more) contributions by Ohio citizens when they renew their vehicle registration each year.

How Do I Qualify?

In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must reside in the state of Ohio.
  • Children must be School-aged which usually means ages 4 through 18. The smallest eye/frame size we carry is 48/17.
  • Children must currently have a refractive error or more serious eye condition and wear or should be wearing glasses or contact lenses.
  • Child's family’s total gross household income must be at or below 300% of poverty (in 2015-16 for a family of four this would be $72,750/yearly or $6,063/monthly). Please include all monies coming into the household. If you are submitting for a Foster Child – you only need to enter the word “FOSTER”. If your combined gross income is too high and your child has a debilitating eye disease or injury and is being followed by an Ophthalmologist – please put that information on the application, as this will waive the income requirement. We will need a letter from your child’s Ophthalmologist to support the application.

How Do I Apply For A Free Pair Of Sports Goggles?

Simply complete our Parent Application Form. If you qualify, your application will be accepted upon completion and you will automatically be sent an acceptance email. Email addresses are mandatory. If you do not have one, use the email of a responsible family member or friend.

Once I Qualify How Do I Get The Sports Goggles?

Take your child and a copy of your child's prescription to a participating ophthalmologist's or optometrist's office near you. You will find a link that is a list of these offices on the Parent Application Form. These offices will complete an online order form for the sports goggles with your child's specific prescription for you. All completed orders will then be mailed to your home address within 6 weeks. Any questions can be directed to


Prescription goggles