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Question: Where can you get your protective eyewear?
Answer: Accessibility and availability have been major obstacles for many teams and leagues in purchasing protective eyewear. The Play Hard. Don't Blink. program is working to alleviate the accessibility and availability barriers by providing the most comprehensive source for protective eyewear available. Any organized Ohio youth team or league is able to purchase the appropriate youth sports eye safety gear through our sports eye safety program by becoming a part of our program.

Question: How do I get my team/league involved in the program?
Answer: Becoming involved is easy! Click here for full program guidelines and links to the required forms. (add the link please)

Question: Won't protective eyewear hinder my sports performance?
Answer: Reports from competitors in several sports have verified that face guards and protective eyewear do not impair a player's concentration or reduce their ability to focus. Some coaches feel that the extra protection actually enhances their young athletes' concentration and alleviates their fear of injuries.

Question: What do I do in case of an eye injury?
Answer: The most effective treatment for sports-related eye injuries is prevention; however, eye protection cannot work if the athlete does not wear it.

Here's what you do if you or someone else injures an eye playing sports:

  • The first thing to do is to cover the eye for protection. This could be done with a metal shield or any rigid structure that could be taped over the eye.
  • If nothing else is available, a Styrofoam cup can be taped over the eye such that it fits snugly around the bones of the eye. If the injury is bad enough that the eye had been ruptured, even minor pressure on the eyeball could result in permanent damage.
  • When an eye injury occurs, see an ophthalmologist (Eye M.D.) as soon as possible.
Where can you get protective eyewear and other FAQs