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Program Guidelines

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In order to participate in the Play Hard. Don't Blink. program, each participating league must:

Be an amateur boys or girls baseball, softball or basketball league in the state of Ohio with players between the ages of 5 to 18. Mandate the use of the protective equipment while players are at play.

In order to participate in the Play Hard. Don't Blink. program, each participating league administrator must:

Accept overall responsibility for league adherence to program and use of protective equipment. Should League Administrators change it is the signing League Administrator's responsibility to notify us of the change and to inform the successor of the responsibility to the program.

Agree to supporting the Play Hard. Don't Blink. program and the importance of sports eye safety for young athletes.

Provide a complete roster of participating team's coaches including; coaches name/home address/team name/players age ranges/sex of players/number of children on team/and whether for baseball or softball. This is for our informational purposes only, mailing lists will not be shared.

Complete the administrator's pre-season questionnaire and information in the participant packet. League administrators are responsible for dispersing, collecting and returning all of the coaches pre- and post-season evaluations. Each participating coach must completing the pre- and post-season evaluation. Please see the evaluations for due dates.

Agree to the possibility of having program representatives visit your league during the year.

Place a minimum order for 60 pieces (12 teams) for baseball or softball. Basketball orders are a minimum of an age group in a league. No individual orders will be accepted.

Provide space for the protective helmets or goggles to be housed until the season begins. This space must be available Monday-Friday with a person available to accept the delivery. We will try to notify you when the delivery is scheduled, however, this is not always possible.

This is a three-year commitment. Your league is agreeing to completing and returning the pre- and post-season evaluations for the next three years in addition to abiding to the above. At the end of these three years, the equipment becomes property of the participating league.

If the participating league fails to submit information as requested, the league will be required to return all equipment at their own expense to the Play Hard. Don't Blink. program.

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To apply for the Play Hard. Don't Blink. sports eye safety program, please download a Participant Packet and return it today!

Download Participant Packets

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