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League Policy

The Play Hard. Don't Blink. program is dedicated to protecting children's eyes while they participate in sports. Through providing protective equipment and educating administrators, coaches, parents and players about dangers and safety measures the ball fields and gyms in Ohio are becoming a safer place to be.

More than ever leagues are realizing the importance of wearing eye safety gear and the need to incorporate language into their league policies about eye safety. Below are a few samples of language used in policies:

League policy language samples for helmets with faceguards

All batters in softball and baseball must wear batting helmets with a NOCSAE-approved (for softball) face guard.

Batters must wear a batting helmet with approved face shield at all times when in the batter's box and when on the base paths.

It is mandatory for each batter and runner to wear a head protector. This protector will cover both ears and temples. It is illegal to wear any other head gear. This is to include protective face guards (chin straps are mandatory with face guards). Any player intentionally head-gear will be declared out after the play is over.

League policy language samples for goggles

Players must wear protective goggles while playing. All goggles must meet or exceed ASTM F803 impact resistance standards.

Everyday glasses are strictly prohibited. Players must wear sports goggles or other protective eyewear that meets or exceeds ASTM F80 impact resistance standards.

League policy examples for generating a safer sports environment