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Play Hard. Don't Blink.
Sports Eye Safety Program

Sports eye safety is cool!

The Ohio Ophthalmological Society's Play Hard. Don't Blink. sports eye safety program works with leagues and individuals in Ohio to promote the use of protective eyewear to reduce the number of sports eye injuries in Ohio's young players. From baseball and softball helmets with face masks to sports goggles, including prescription sports goggles, you can get the eye injury protection you need to prevent youth sports eye injuries at no cost!

Eye injuries are often the result of a high-speed ball, aggressive body contact, or a swinging/moving piece of sports equipment. Young players often lack the reflexes, coordination, strength, or experience to avoid these eye hazards. For example, children often misjudge balls in flight, causing them to take a blow to the face or head.

Eye injuries from sports may cause loss of vision or complete loss of an eye. Bleeding within the eye (hyphema) may cause glaucoma years later. Even a minor eye injury can cause retinal detachment and blindness.

Fortunately, we can prevent most of these injuries by encouraging players to wear eye protection.

Why wouldn't a player use protective eyewear? Competitors in several sports have verified that face guards and protective eyewear do not impair their concentration or reduce their ability to focus. Some coaches feel that the extra protection actually enhances their young athletes' concentration and alleviates their fear of injuries.

The Ohio Ophthalmological Society (OOS) sports eye safety program, Play Hard. Don't Blink. Always Wear Protective Eyewear. combines education for parents and coaches with a variety of protective eye gear, activities, and information designed to make safe playing habits cool to kids.

Funded by the Ohio Department of Health Save Our Sight Fund, the program works with schools, youth leagues and organizations throughout the state to provide protective eyewear in effort to reduce sports eye injuries and facial injuries.

Eye protection can reduce the risk of eye injuries by at least 90% Interactive League & School Map Apply for Free Prescription Goggles